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PhD Seminars run at the Faculty of History of Pultusk Academy of Humanities are focused on Poland's and world's history, inclusive of the history of non-European countries. In the chronological perspective, they comprise all the stages of history beginning with the earliest ages up to the contemporary period. Participants in the seminars are enabled to do research in the fields of: political, social, economic, military, constitutional, and Church history, as well as the history of urban and rural areas and of peasants' movement, the history of education and culture, and the history of science and technology.

Doctoral Seminars run at the Faculty of Political Science cover such areas as: sociology, philosophy of politics, political systems, 20th century political history of Poland and of the world, political thought, social movements, international relations, and European integration. Additionally, it has been provided for lectures in philosophy and economics, and for seminars in the methodology of political science. Candidates for the respective seminars must each hold a degree of magister, be interested in political studies, and satisfy the examiners both as to the result of the test and of the interview.

Faculty of History WH Facebook
36B, Mickiewicza St., 06-100 Pułtusk
tel. (+48 23) 692 97 22, 692 97 23
fax: (+48 23) 692 80 19

Faculty of Political Science
36B, Mickiewicza St., 06-100 Pułtusk
tel. (+48 23) 692 98 56, 692 98 57, 692 98 58
fax: (+48 23) 692 18 07