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The organizational structure of Pultusk Academy of Humanities is currently made up of five Faculties, namely those of: Administrative Studies, History, Education Studies, Political Science, Sociology. The Foreign Languages Teaching Center is responsible for the linguistic competence of our students, while their physical fitness is the responsibility of the Physical Education Center.

The Academy has over 170 Faculty Members comprising academic teachers and research workers. Since its coming into being as Pultusk Academy of Humanities more than 48,484 students have graduated from it.

The Academy offers three-year undergraduate-level (First-Cycle) courses of study /6 semesters/for the degree of licencjat, two-year graduate-level (Second-Cycle) courses of study /4 semesters/ for the degree of magister, and postgraduate courses /2 or 3 semesters/. It is also authorized to confer the academic degree of a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, in the Humanities, at the Faculties of: History, and Political Science. There are regular and extramural studying options both for the undergraduate and graduate students. A student trained within one field may decide to choose one major subject, or complement it with a minor subject (on the understanding that one subject is obligatory). When justifiable, a student may choose an individual studying option, or an individual organization of his/her studies.