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Faculty of Administrative Studies
ul. Daszyńskiego 17
06-100 Pułtusk
Tel.: (23) 692 98 25 (to 27)
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Our Faculty of Administrative Studies has pursued its educational mission since October 1995 when it offered its first undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor degree /licencjat/  in Public Administration. 85 full-time and 400 part-time students enrolled in the then newly launched field of study. The Faculty’s offer was met with considerable interest, which boosted the number of students over the years to come.  

      In the 1999-2000 academic year the AH Faculty of Administrative Studies inaugurated a new (unique) undergraduate degree program with a Major in Administration and Agricultural Consulting, renamed Agro-Consulting in 2002.

      Over the following years the educational offer of the Faculty was gradually extended to cover three other major courses as well: in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration, in the Administration of Legal Protection Bodies, and in Law and Public Safety Administration.

      Since the 2004-2005 academic year, when a new field of study (i.e. Tourism and Recreation) was inaugurated at Pultusk Academy of Humanities, all the courses related to the hospitality industry have been conducted by the Off-Site Department in Ciechanów. As a consequence, our Faculty of Administrative Studies stopped admitting candidates to the major.

     In 2002 a still another major course was offered by our Faculty, providing integrated undergraduate instruction aimed at producing qualified “job ready” court officials and the office staff for public prosecutors, practicing lawyers, notaries, and court enforcement officers, as well as competent professionals prepared to hold managerial positions in the internal administration of the above said institutions. That course of study, featuring Administration of Legal Protection Bodies, has since been offered exclusively as a part-time study option. 

       In the 2003-2004 academic year our Faculty of Administrative Studies extended its offer once again to include a major in Law and Public Safety Administration, available exclusively on a part-time basis, to extramural students. Upon graduation, the alumni will be able to find and hold executive jobs and pursue careers in the management of the above mentioned agencies and institutions responsible for public safety and law compliance and enforcement.

      Since the 2007-2008 academic year the didactic program developed by our Faculty of Administrative Studies has undergone significant changes. Firstly, the time when a major must be declared has been delayed until second year, which enables students to make better, more informed and more rational choices. Secondly, the major in Agro-Consulting is no longer available.   

      Beginning the 2000-2001 academic year, a postgraduate two semester course in Control and Audit in Public Administration has been made available at our Faculty. The course is targeted on the public sector administrative staff members wishing to develop professionally by gaining a new, much sought after qualification, and on all those currently out of work who are willing to qualify in this highly specialized area.

      Since the 2007-2008 academic year the postgraduate program designed by our Faculty of Administrative Studies has been extended to include a course in European Integration, and a Tax Course. In the 2009-2010 academic year two new courses were added to our didactic offer, i.e. one in the Public Sector Finance and Accounting, and the other one in Public Administration. Our plans for the 2010-2011 academic year also provide for a course in Business Accounting and Finance.

            All in all, over those 15 years as many as over 6,000 alumni have graduated from out Faculty of Administrative Studies. 



Our Curriculum is aligned towards the skill needs of the public administration sector, responds to the expectations of potential employers, and prepares students to achieve their future career success increasing their chances of finding and holding jobs both in the public and in the private sectors. Upon graduation, our alumni are each awarded a Bachelor’s degree /licencjat/. Our Curriculum and the respective Plans of Studies have been developed in compliance with the Learning Standards published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. They cover all the components of the learning content that are to be taught over the timeframe of 360 contact hours allotted to the block of compulsory subjects, and over the 220 contact hours allotted to major and elective courses. The total of the class contact hours provided under our Six Semester Program amounts to 1801 for the full-time (regular) studies, and to 1081 for the part-time (extramural) studies. The Curriculum is structured by subject, with a problem-based learning approach.


Major subjects:


Upgrading courses leading to a postgraduate diploma / certificate (2 Semesters)

Course Profile by Major:

Law and Public Safety Administration

Our graduates are prepared to provide competent professional work in institutions responsible for law enforcement and public safety (including in specialized units within the central administration, i.e. in the Police, the Border Guard, the Government Protection Bureau BOR, the State Fire Service, the Internal Security Agency ABW, as well as in specialized agencies within the local administration, and in the non-public sector).

Administration and Management in Tourism

Our graduates will be able to find and hold jobs in central and local administration offices and agencies, in tourism organizations, in community-based associations promoting the local-level hospitality industry, or run their own businesses.

Administration of Legal Protection Bodies

Our graduates will be contributing, “job ready” members of the administrative personnel for courts, and of the office staff for public prosecutors, practicing lawyers, notaries, and court enforcement officers.

Public Administration

Our graduates are prepared to provide competent professional work as members of the clerical and administrative personnel in both the public and private sectors, in business administration, in cooperatives and associations – by performing controlling and directing functions (including those of decision making, external control and supervision, and customer service), or functions related to internal (organization) management, such as resource management, administrative support services for managerial staff, etc.).

Public Sector Economy and Finance

Our graduates will be qualified “job ready” members of the public sector administrative staff, in particular in units responsible for budgeting, internal control and audit, and financial reporting; they will also be able to find and hold jobs in public sector undertakings (municipal plants, and state and municipal utility companies), in their departments of finance, and planning and financial controlling, as well as in state-owned agencies, funds, foundations, and in private companies.        

European Integration

Our graduates will be “job-ready” members of the clerical staff at middle-management levels demonstrating a good grasp of the rules and regulations governing the application of acquis communautaire and cooperation with Community institutions. They will also be able to provide competent professional work in the central bodies of public administration, in business entities and in the private sector. 


Public Sector Finance and Accounting

Control and Audit in Public Administration

European Integration

Public Administration

Tax Studies

Accounting and Business Finance