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Dean of the Faculty of Education Studies: dr Tadeusz Cichorz
Dean's Office: 06-100 Pułtusk, 36 B, Mickiewicza St.
Tel./Fax +48 23 692 51 42, 692 08 83,

    The Faculty of Education was established in 1994. Since its very beginning it has attracted a good deal of student interest as a result of its wide range of challenging and exciting special subjects, updated on a current basis. The Faculty of Education Studies ensures quality education, as evidenced by the successes of its students and graduates, and by certificates awarded by public institutions and certified experts.
The Faculty is a center for academic excellence, with renowned university teachers and professorial fellows including: Kalina Bartnicka, Henryka Kwiatkowska, Tadeusz Lewowicki, Józef Miąso, Irena Szybiak, Włodzimierz Oniszczenko.
    The Faculty of Education Studies has been host to a number of interesting conference events including: The Quality of Life of Disabled Persons; Social Pathologies of the 21st Century. Challenges Facing Humanism as Opposed to the Phenomenology of Evil; Man Entrapped in a Controlled Network of Paths; Experience of Foster Family Homes; A Career Adviser, and His Role and Place in the Lifetime Career Guidance and Counseling System; The Concept of Universities in Poland in the 14th – 21st Centuries. A Tribute to Stanisław Staszic; The Historical Content in the New Concept of Education Studies.
The Faculty has its own periodical publication, Artes Liberales.
Organizationally, the Faculty of Education Studies is comprised of Chairs (of the History of Education; Biomedical Foundations for Development; Teaching Methodology; Theory of Education; Pedeutology; Sociology and Philosophy; Special Education), Workshops (in Elementary Education; Psychology; Labour Education and Education for Organizing), and Teams (for General Education Studies; Social Prevention and Rehabilitation; Social Pedagogy; Methodology; Logic and Statistics).
    The didactic program run at the Faculty covers undergraduate and postgraduate degree and non-degree courses.
Students pursuing a "magister" degree may choose to major in: Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages (for English, German, and Russian language teachers, holders of "licencjat" degree); Elementary Education with Foreign Language Teaching (for English, German, and Russian language teachers, holders of "licencjat" degree); General Education Studies; General Education Studies for "licencjat" degree holders with no pedagogical background; Health Education and Health Promotion – for holders of undergraduate degrees earned in the field of Nursing; any of the subjects taught as Major on the undergraduate level of studies done at the AH Faculty of Education– continuation.
    The learning standards are in compliance with the Bologna process requirements. The Faculty participates in international student and academic teacher and research worker exchange, under the LLP Erasmus Program, and the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window – with Germany, Lithuania, Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
    Foreigners wishing to do their studies at the AH Faculty of Education Studies have two options. The first one involves enrollment under the terms and condition governing studies done by Polish citizens which means three-year courses of study for "licencjat" degree upon the completion of which students seeking a master’s degree may elect to pursue under a two-year MA program. The other option involves applying to a university consortium for an EU scholarship under the Erasmus Mundus Program. Successful applicants may, at their discretion, proceed with their studies at the Faculty for a year or longer than that, earning credits in the courses elected under the respective "licencjat" or "magister" degree programs. Each of them is obligated to earn ca. 30 ECTS credits per semester, but not fewer than 60 per year. This conditions crediting such a student by the sending university for the work done by him/her in a given semester or year should the sending university have its ECTS system in place already.
The amount of coursework completed by a foreign student as required under the Learning Agreement made with his/her sending university shall earn him/her credit from Pultusk Academy of Humanities being equivalent to the credit for the corresponding amount of coursework not completed at his/her sending institution, which enables such a student to get enrolled in the consecutive semester or year upon return to his/her country.

Students may take on a range of activities outside study and work hours by joining a variety of clubs and special interest groups, a folk dance and song group, sports teams, and fitness clubs. Keen lovers of travel and tourism may go on a variety of theme tours organized by the Faculty or by the Academy. Quite a number of our students volunteer for welfare work. The CPTs run by the Faculty of Education Studies are done in specialized institutions and agencies in compliance with the concerned students’ major subjects.
     Graduates of the AH Faculty of Education Studies have qualifications building knowledge, understanding and skills in specific work areas covered by a variety of educational, social, and cultural institutions and agencies operating on the local, national, and all-EU levels. They may easily get jobs requiring pedagogical qualification including in schools, local government structures, foundations, and other NGOs. Our alumni are also eligible for work in local, religious, and ethnical communities, in the health service, in a variety of institutions implementing youth and teen care programs including foster homes, children’s homes, youth emergency centers etc., and in the capacity of advisers or court-appointed custodians within the judicial system.